Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Warns Of ‘US Dollar Dying’ Yet Gain; 2 Commodities And 1 Crypto Robert Kiyosaki Recommends – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

Stubbornly high inflationand the sagging economic growthhaveleft investors worried, as the Federal Reserve has signaled more rate hikes could come.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki took to Twitter on Sunday to warn of what lies ahead for the economy and investors.

The best-selling author highlighted the huge debt pile of the U.S. He suggested the same concernin a tweet on Friday, too. Today US debt in 100s of trillions, he said.

On Sunday, Kiyosaki said the U.S. kept interest rates low, and those low-interest rates forced the country to borrow more dollars to buy more U.S.bonds. This caused the spike in inflation, which in turn has forced the Fed to raise rates,ultimately causing the debt to becometoo expensive, he said.

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Kiyosaki flashed the dollar warning yet again. US dollar dying, he said.

His recommendation for investors is to buy gold, silver and Bitcoin BTC/USD.

Last Monday, Kiyosaki said silver would stay at $20 for three to four years and then go parabolic, climbing to $100 to $500. Stating that everyone can afford silver now, even the poor, he recommended acquiring silver now.

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