Bill Gates Shares ‘Really Good News’ That Is Key To Tackling Climate Change

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates, who is also a proponent of policies and measures against climate change, shared a positive development on Friday.

What Happened: Last week, Gates shared a Scientific American article titled “Renewable Energy Is Charging Ahead, which discusses the increasing role of renewables as a source of electricity.

Citing data from the International Renewable Energy Agency, the article notes that, globally, renewables accounted for about one-third of electricity generation in 2022 and that the figure is rising.

In 2022, renewable generation capacity grew by a record 295 gigawatts and renewables accounted for more than 80 percent of all added power capacity, according to the report.

Lauding the development, Gates tweeted, “Really good news.”

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Why It’s Important: After Gates left his role at Microsoft, he has engaged in humanitarian efforts to tackle climate change, poverty and diseases.

The billionaire wrote a book titled “How to Avoid Climate Disaster,” in which he outlines measures to attain net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Gates has previously said that underdeveloped countries will be hit hardest by climate change, which has already led to historic floods, droughts and heat waves.

The billionaire has also emphasized the importance of innovation, investing in developing clean technology and combatting climate change through government policies.

Recently, Gates highlighted the importance of nuclear energy generation, saying it would go a long way in ensuring the U.S. energy independence.

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